525,600 Minutes

There are 525,600 minutes in a year. No, I’m not a statistician, but one of my favorite songs is Seasons Of Love from the musical RENT. If you’ve never heard the song or can’t remember it, take a listen. The lyrics are beautiful!

How do you measure a year? Why do I hear more people say they are glad a year is over than I do that they are psyched about the new year or that THIS was a fabulous year? What makes a year good? Can one bad experience in December ruin a whole year? Are we fair-weather friends with each year only loving it when things go our way?

How about we look at each year as teeny parts of our larger lives?

How do you measure your life?

Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being outstandingly ridiculously fabulous). How would you rate your life (stop, close your eyes and think about it)?

WHY did you choose that rating?

Did you measure it by the job title you’ve accomplished or the money you’ve made? Did you measure it by the car you drive or the house you live in? Did you measure it by the roles you play such as wife, father, son, sister etc?

I am not in judgment of the things you have or the roles you play. I too have a house full of  ”stuff” and carry many of the roles in life. I am asking HOW you are measuring the quality, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your life?

Are you happy or are you waiting for something to happen that will finally somehow MAKE you happy and significantly bump up your life’s score?!

Spoiler ALERT!  That thing… might make you “feel” happy for a while, but it will not “make” you happy!  Happiness, true happiness is a choice that comes from the inside! Happiness expresses, no…EXUDES through your pores and EXPRESSES itself to the world!

When you rate your life, do you consider LOVE in the equation? If not, does factoring in the love you’ve given impact your ”life’s score?” Oh, it’s easy to look at the love you’ve received, but what LOVE have you given?

I’d rate my life about a 6.5 for various reasons although I tend to be hard on myself (I’m a work in progress). I could show more love. Even though I’ve been told that I smile a lot, I could smile more. I could love more especially when it is hard to love. I could spread my message of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation more broadly!

I don’t believe in resolutions, New Year’s or otherwise. I believe in deep, transformational change that takes commitment, focus, dedication and takes much longer than 525,600 minutes.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I once measured my life by things like career success, the place I lived, and the car I drove, then I became unexpectedly critically ill and gave up the trajectory of my career, and (to make room for my wheelchair) I had to sell my sweet black little Mercedes!  I measured my life by the super dope tri-level condo I lived in and had to give it up for a place that I could manage with a disability. I measured my life by the amount of money I made, then realized the financial cost of disability and spent a significant amount of money on equipment, therapy, accommodation and more.  I even measured my life by the title of “mother”, then my son grew up and moved away, sending me straight into a case of Empty Nest Syndrome.

I’ve learned that material things and roles we play in our lives come and go, but LOVE is always here. You don’t have to wait for it… Open your eyes IT IS HERE!  If you are waiting for another person to love you (a partner, parent, an ex, etc) your time is better spent embracing the existing love in your life. Every one of us is loved by someone whether it is the LOVE of family, friends, children, or even an admirer, we are all loved.


Here’s what I know for sure…

…learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!”

-from the song Greatest Love of All written by Michael Messer

Isn’t it funny that we want others to love us, but we struggle to love ourselves? I’d argue that the lack of self-love will negatively impact the score you give your life. Lack of self-love will cloud your visibility to ALL of the love around you.

I want my life to be measured by the love I give and the light I shine! Even if I have to be brutally honest and direct in my career. I will continue to do it with love and fairness for my fellow human beings without regard to organizational or societal levels.  I will not sacrifice who I am by forcefully ordering people to do the “right” thing with authority and condescension. Instead, I will coach, advise, lead by example and hold people accountable with care.  In other words, I will treat people the way I want to be treated.

I will measure the quality of my days by the number of times I laugh or smile. Whether the sun is out or the rain is pouring, I will measure my life by the positive words I speak and type!  I will be in a state of perpetual gratitude!

I will say ”I love you” more often! I will show love more frequently especially when it’s hard! I will smile even more! I will love myself more deeply! I will spread love through my blogs, public speaking and in broader forums by helping others improve their health and lives. I will use my story to motivate others to live a life they love!

I want to focus on love so much that I love in my sleep.  Doing so will ensure that I will love 525,600 minutes of every year!

accuracy afternoon alarm clock analogue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Join me in measuring 2019 by seasons of love! Starting at 12:00am January 1, 2019, you’ll have 525,600 minutes to express love to yourself and the world!

What are you willing to do?

Seasons of Love is a song in the key of life for me. Listen to the song, read along with the lyrics! Feel it, live it, love it, embrace it!


525,600 minutes of Love, Light, and even more Love!

Have an outrageously super fantastic 525,600 minutes!  DO IT!

Happy 2019!

Make every minute count!

I am thankful for you!



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