A Lemon Seed In My Throat!

Yeah, so this happened…

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The other day I was drinking my daily concoction of boiled ginger, lemon, and green tea… when suddenly, and most literally a lemon seed landed in the far reaches of my throat!  As you know, (if you read my blogs regularly) many things inspire me to write and this was one of them.



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Now, I’m the kinda person that sees messages in just about everything. Seriously, if I were around in biblical times with Moses he’d have been speaking with the burning bush and I’d have been talking with a grunting camel or something.

So…yes I found a message in the lemon seed!  No, I didn’t cough up a seed that looked like Ray Charles or some long-lost relative or deity! One word… “CRAY!”


Any whoooo

So the annoyance of the stuck lemon seed prompted me to try a few things to dislodge it. I tried; coughing, hacking, gagging, dry heaving, gargling, you name it. I mean, it’s lucky that I live in a home without shared walls. I’m sure I sounded like a murder victim or a 3 pack a day smoker!

Then, I did the next best thing… Yup!  Wait for it…

I Googled it!

I searched to find out what others had done in this scenario. Here are a few of the suggestions:

  • Drink oil (ok yuck, but embarrassingly I tried it with a little olive oil)
  • Try to vomit or dry heave
  • Call a doctor
  • Eat dry bread
  • Go to the emergency room (can you imagine? I’d say, “Hi, I have a lemon seed stuck in my throat, how quickly can I get in?”  They’d say, “Well let us care for this gunshot victim and the dude with bleeding eyeballs and we’ll be right with you!”).  I have hospital Post Traumatic Stress, so uh… no thanks!

Finally, the most reasonable person ever said:

“Don’t worry about it, it will pass.”

They went on to say that it probably already moved through and that I was very likely living with the remaining irritation from a scratch it may have caused. So that’s exactly what I did. I painfully ate dinner (I’d done some cardio so not eating was not an option), and went to bed. A couple of days later, although I have less pain, I still feel like there is a lemon seed sprouting a tree in my throat. But, since I know that the risk is having the most lemony fresh breath ever… I’m good.


Here it is…

And NO, it is not some junky cliché like “when life gives you lemons make lemonade!” Come on, give me a bit more credit than that!

What I received was…

When our problems and issues happen we carry them into the present moment as if they are still there.  The truth is, as soon as these things happen they belong in the past.

Like that feeling of the lemon seed in my throat…

  • We have an argument with a person (sibling, spouse, friend, a boss, a co-worker, a grocery store clerk). We hold on to the pain and frustration, stay irritated, aggravated, sad, and/or angry for hours, days, weeks, sometimes even months or years!
  • While driving on the freeway some yahoo flips us off and we absorb it like that dirty sponge on the kitchen sink!  We carry it around and have a really bad day or week!  Even worse, we seek out ways to make others feel “flipped off.”
  • We hold grudges, and stop speaking to people out of pride and sometimes desperation.  We hold on to the memory of a feeling and often can’t even remember the initial cause of the pain!
  • We give a bad presentation in a meeting and carry that experience into the next presentation, which inevitably turns out to be just as bad because we couldn’t let it go!

Our past experiences, like the lemon seed in my throat, are gone, swallowed, a memory. We treat our problems like its Groundhogs Day.. happening over and over in our minds, keeping them lodged in the present moment.  

It’s time to move on!

Let go of past loves, grudges, old jobs, revenge, bad experiences, nasty people and the like.  

Let’s stop living with and carrying our crap around.  Let it pass like the lemon seed and allow ourselves to heal.

Keep the space in your heart and mind open for healing, love, greatness, and goodness.

Learn from the experience and get on with it!

I also learned that I should strain my yummy concoction! haha!!!


Love, Light, and Lemony Goodness!



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2 thoughts on “A Lemon Seed In My Throat!

  1. So this is a bit strange..I am looking for articles on how to dislodge seeds from your throat (I currently have a very tiny berry seed stuck in mine) and I come across this blog post. I read the entire thing down to the end and then there it was – the unexpected message that I needed to hear. So grateful to have stumbled upon this. I love your writing!


    1. Awe Jordan, thank you! I am so grateful for you and the seed in your throat that led you to read my post!


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