The Definition of Success

Success is a word that means many things to many people.  There are as many definitions as there are people on the globe.  Who are we to judge what is successful for someone else?  Some people define it by career and money, others define it by health or happiness.

Success is also redefined as we go through our lives.  One day it is defined by just getting through traffic and other days it is defined by a first art show installation or a pregnancy!

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How do you define SUCCESS in your life today?

As you move through your life, be conscious of all of your successes.  Give yourself credit for all wins big and small.  Grandiose goals are great, but require many steps and in some cases many people to achieve.  Celebrate each step!

Be thankful for your achievements!  Acknowledge those around you who participate in your successes.

Love yourself for staying focused and moving forward through challenges and obstacles.  Every success is worth celebrating!  Teach yourself to stop and see all that you have done. Waiting for others to acknowledge you may take a lifetime.  Don’t allow others to define success for you.

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Saying things like…

– “I did that!”

– “Damn, I’m good!”

– “I am so proud of myself!”

– “Wow, that was great!”

…are great things to say to yourself following a successful moment that YOU define!


Success is personal and a great way to build self-love.

Define YOUR success and celebrate the steps!

Can I get a woot, woot!?

Love, Light, and Much SUCCESS!


2 thoughts on “The Definition of Success

  1. I love you CreativelyAbleDecember. Just when I need a dose of no nonsense you dhow up in my inbox andvrnergize me

    Hugs from Canada
    Awesome mountain girl

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    1. THAT my sister is exactly why I blog! Thank you so much for reading AND commenting! Love from Los Angeles

      Liked by 1 person

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