A Letter to My Mom


In today’s blog, I decided to write a letter to my mom. She is my biggest blog fan (my biggest fan in general) and has no idea. This will be a surprise for her!

In honor of beautiful mothers everywhere whether they are visible or have crossed over into the invisible, take the time to tell them how much you love them. If your mom is invisible, just close your eyes…she is right there ready for a video conference on the Spiritual screen behind your eyelids.

My beautiful mom who has never looked her age! Thanks for the good genes mom.

Dearest Mommy:

I wanted to start by saying how grateful and proud I am to have you as my mom. Before I arrived in this earthly realm, I was in the Spiritual cue waiting to hop into your life…I chose you!

Thank you for taking me out for hot cocoa when I was in the third grade to discuss a problem that was critical to the little me. I still remember that day. I remember the feeling of being important, heard and unconditionally loved. I told you I wanted to run track because I was faster than the boys who were teasing me. You made sure that I was on a track team within weeks of that conversation. This was pivotal in my life. What if you’d brushed me off that day? What if you’d told me my problem wasn’t important? I might be a very different person today. I chose you!

Thank you for watching all those ridiculous holiday shows produced by me and Payge (see my last blog). Thank you for paying the posted ticket price for said shows when required! Thank you for giving us standing ovations in the living room like we were on friggin Broadway! I chose you!


Thank you for nicknaming me “The Flash” and proudly yelling “go flash go” at all of my track meets. Thank you for driving me across state lines for the national competitions and for being so proud. I chose you!

Thank you for not being angry with me for getting in trouble for defending myself on the school bus. Thank you for telling me… that self-protection was an important aspect of life.

image-3Thank you for coming to my school and believing me when I told you that my math teacher was intentionally and unfairly failing me. She never knew what hit her! We showed her all of my graded papers and you asked her to explain…how exactly these grades would result in an F? Her superior attitude was replaced by red cheeks and apologies. Thank you for telling me to never lie to you, that you would always have my back, and that I was beautiful. I chose you!

Thank you for teaching me to have my own mind and to be strong!

Thank you for attending high school football games strictly for my seven-minute drill team performances at half time.

Thank you for coming to my college football games to watch me cheer and cringing every time one of those dudes threw me in the air! Thank you for being there when I was crowned homecoming princess in college.


Thank you for nursing at night to put me through college. Thank you for holding me accountable for a part of that crazy bill teaching me that having accountability and “skin in the game” was important. I chose you!

Yes this is me on my wedding day, so many years ago.




Thank you for being a part of my wedding AND supporting me years later in my decision to end my marriage.

My beautiful baby boy on his real birthday! Yes, now standing at almost 6’5″ he still has long limbs.




Thank you for staying with us in Georgia when my son was born. Thank you for breaking the rules and giving him regular oatmeal at 6 weeks old which helped him (and me) sleep through the night! I chose you!

No pictures of me in the hospital.. thank God!




Thank you for being at my bedside and listening to me tell you about my life insurance, and plans for raising my son, in the event of my death when I got sick. Thank you for making sure all of my bills were paid on time during critical times. Thank you for protecting me during that time and making sure my son was OK even though he was so young, yet old enough to understand that I was in real trouble.

Yes, this is me during my speech at the 2010 Miss WC California competition.

Thank you for supporting me as I participated in the Miss Wheelchair California competition in 2010. This was my first time speaking a large setting post-disability. Your smile in the front row that day meant the world to me! I chose you!




Thank you for staying married to dad for 59 years! I can’t even imagine!

Thank you for ALWAYS encouraging me, supporting me, loving me, and listening to me. Thank you for being my best friend, confidant, and Spirit Animal. Your heart is pure, your love is deep and I love you.

If I could do it all again…I’d still choose you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your forever loving daughter!

PS: Thank you to my Nana for bringing you here and being such a great mom for you! Thank you for moving Nana in and allowing her and me to convalesce together. Happy Mother’s Day Nana, we miss you!

Thank you, Nana, we love and miss you!


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3 thoughts on “A Letter to My Mom

  1. Larree QUEEN of the most creativelyable.


    1. Thank you Pat! I appreciate the love.


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