The Tangled Web

closeup photography of black and brown spider
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Have you ever been strolling along just minding your own business when suddenly you run smack into a stringy, sticky and invisible spider web?  When this happens you jump around gyrating, shaking and swiping your skin with the mere thought that there is a spider anywhere on your body! I’ve wondered how or why that little bug ran their web across such a wide walkway. Was that little thing trying to catch a big juicy human like it would a mosquito or a fly? Running into the webs people create in life can be just as surprising and gross but a lot more difficult to shake off.

Oh, the twists and turns we experience when we know, clearly and without a doubt that a person is telling a huge LIE or attempting to manipulate us! It is not unlike the twists and turns of a kaleidoscope of trippy colors only a lot less pretty!   I don’t know about you but being lied to is the “peevyist” of pet peeves for me with peeve number two being the feeling that someone is attempting to manipulate me.  In many cases I will call them out on it, but, for the most part, I believe that the Universe will reveal the truth to them and me.

grayscale photography of person s face
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We can all think of situations where we were either caught in or caught up in a lie.  It gets really messy watching someone trying to squirm out of their own BS when they are smeared in it up to their eyeballs!  You see, the tricky part of these tangled untruths is that they have to remember what was said, and often the surrounding fake details. When a person accidentally reveals a lie I just smile inwardly and thank the Universe for showing me the truth.

Look if you’re gonna lie, at least respect the receiver(s) of your mistruth by freaking remembering what you said!  Better yet, why not just tell the truth?  No one has to remember the details of the truth. The truth…just IS.

In today’s world, there are what I call Modern Day Lies such as misleading photos and videos posted on social media, and ghosting.  I suppose showing photos of oneself sitting on a couch is boring and people might not click “follow” to pretend you are the life of the party is a lie.  Lies like this have caused others to judge their own lives by the highlighted lies of others leaving them feeling inadequate.  Yeah, we can all say others are weak, or shouldn’t feel this or that, but why not just be who you are instead of conjuring up a fake life that others can’t measure up to?  If that fab party world is real… that’s a whole other story.  You definitely have a right to your truth, whatever that is.

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As for ghosting…not speaking up, being passive-aggressive, leaving things up in the air with others wondering is also a lie… and “punkish!”  Be an adult!  If you don’t want the job or the relationship, say so!  Ghosting may allow you to avoid something “not so enjoyable” but causes plenty of drama for others.  Besides, by hiding behind ghosting you are really exposing who you know yourself to be.  Try connecting with your higher self!

Let’s all commit to the truth.  No white lies or fake smiles, just truth.  No fake photos or fake lives, no ghosting.  Let’s not spin our webs and cause unnecessary drama and frustration for others. Let’s treat people the way we want to be treated…PERIOD!

Love, Light, and Truth!



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