Who is CreativelyAble?

Larrée is a CreativelyAble person spreading awareness globally. It is her intention to inspire, break down barriers, and debunk stereotypes. Her life experiences will educate and inspire you to proudly master your best life!
She will:
  • Insist upon equality in every aspect of life
  • Advocate and speak up for herself and others
  • Encourage fitness and healthy habits
  • Offer techniques that holistically address stress, balance, and living from the inside out
  • Use positive messaging to help others focus on what is really important
Larrée has been CreativelyAble since 2004 as a result of an unexpected illness that caused several months of paralysis.  She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, and a woman.  She is a fitness buff, a speaker, an advocate, and a coach for lifestyle, career, and wellness.
She has a bachelors degree in Communication. And has worked in Human Resources for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in large Fortune 100 corporate environments. And specializes in coaching, talent acquisition, business strategy, and leadership development.
Her life has had challenges that many would find defeating. But her personality, laughter and positive approach are contagious and engaging. She empowers and inspires others to embrace the skin they are in by choosing wellness, and fitness.
Larrée is leveraging her life experiences to HELP others and remove the stigma of “dis” abled to all capable. Her giving nature truly desires the very best for all.
While some stop and stare, she is reminded of the need to motivate, educate, and advocate. She is living her best life vibrantly rolling on her motorized scooter. Her intention is to be a positive light for others.
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For information on coaching, speaking engagements, or formal advocating please reach out!

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