Composting is a Terrible​ Idea!

You know what? It is a terrible idea to plant old garbage from the past into your present life! Compost in a garden will bare delicious fruits and vegetables. Compost of the past planted into your life just grows more garbage!

Think about it… when we are angry, sad, lonely etcetera, its amazing how much more of the same we continue to experience.  We misinterpret the words or actions of others.  We blame others for our feelings saying or thinking things liked “she makes me so mad!”  We think the world is out to get us.  We think that no one understands.  We isolate and lose connection.  This is where things like road rage, mass shootings, terrorism and the like come from (except where there is real mental illness). We hold on to bad feelings and ruminate on what someone did to us, or some terrible thing that happened without realizing that the only thing that truly. exists about the past is in the memory of our minds.  Don’t get me wrong, take the lesson and the learning forward, without holding others or even yourself responsible and move forward.  Forgive everyone!  Blame is just a waste of time.

By way of example:

A person of a certain racial background robs you at gunpoint in the parking lot of your favorite store.  As a result, of that experience, you compost a fear of every one of that race and never go back to that store.  You avoid that race of people and even teach your children to hate.   Why not accept what happened without blaming yourself or the culprit?  Create a police report and move forward in your life.  Planting that BS as a point of reference and blame is toxic.


You meet a new love interest who is kind, attentive, and loving yet very busy with what they do for a living.  Your last mate cheated on you with someone at work, an experience that you’ve composted into your new relationship.  You assume that your love is unfaithful so you snoop through their phone and email constantly asking who this or that contact is, accuse your new love of lying and finally as a result, you are heartbroken when they break up with you.  They are kind enough to tell you why which is something for which to be grateful and now that you’re single again, you think about what you would do differently.

I spent years after the onset of my illness angry and sad.  Seriously, in total “why me?” mode.  All I saw at the time was what I couldn’t do and how poorly people treated me.  Once I pulled myself together, I learned that my abilities don’t define me, others don’t define me… I define me.  I started to see all of the blessings around me!  I recognized and appreciated the goodness of my friends and family.  I saw and appreciated what I COULD do versus what I could not!  I’ve learned over the years that being grateful is not A way forward, for me, it is THE way forward.

Even in the worst of times, find things to be grateful for.

Recently, I accepted a new job.  After months of searching for the RIGHT thing, I found an organization that is not only doing great things for the world but whose values align with my own. How did I find it?  I started writing how grateful I was for my new job every night in my gratitude journal long before I learned about the role.  I didn’t plant the compost of my prior experience into this one.  Oh, for sure I’ve accepted and appreciated my past experiences 100% but I choose to use what I’ve learned as the bases for my new garden.  I am so grateful that the story I wrote about my next job came to fruition.  On my vision board, the picture of my new office had a brick background accent wall, and I’ll be darned…my new office has a brick background wall!  keeping the garden of my life fertilized with gratitude, forgiveness, belief, and love bore a  marvelous fruit!

Hey, I am certainly NOT perfect, I am a work in progress!  BUT, I work every day to be grateful even if I can only think of being grateful for my friggin toe nails!

Gratitude is everything!

Plant your garden with good clean soil.  That includes love and forgiveness of yourself.

Planting worry about the future is pointless and only creates fear of what “might” happen.  Planting doubt creates more doubt.  It even leads to doubting your abilities, skills, talents, and gifts.  Fear makes you afraid of the world. It creates isolation and sometimes even hatred.


In these moments, look at your life and start saying thank you for this and that.  Even simple gratitude for your fingers and toes, or a great meal you just ate, or even for just being alive!

I found gratitude affirmations on Youtube that last 8 hours.  I sleep with them on at night.  It is amazing to turn over, wake up a little and hear something to be grateful for.

Lets reserve compost for our actual gardens. Throw the negative vibes, drama, bad experiences, etc into the furnace. Don’t carry past BS!

We can do this!

Love, Light, and Letting Go of the Crap!



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