Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been lied to!  Keep your hand up if you’ve ever TOLD a lie!  Come on, be honest, we’ve ALL experienced both if we’re above the age of four.

Remember the song Lies, Lies, Lies by the Thompson Twins from the 80’s?

Well, at this point in my life, I’ve established TRUTH as one of my core values, but I still struggle with the lies I tell myself!  You know the ones?  Those lies we all keep on repeat setting in our heads that hold us back from our greatness!

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too disabled
  • I’m not attractive enough

Sound familiar?

I recently listened to an interview with Lisa Nichols who is known for Transformational Coaching. Her life story is one of strength, courage, transformation, and sacrifice! Anyway, one of the exercises she encourages is to expose the lies we tell ourselves by writing them down over a period of several days. After that “SUPER FUN” exercise she suggests that we review each lie one by one and write the opposing truths.

For example:

LIE: I am unattractive

TRUTH:  My beauty goes far beyond external appearance which is a beautiful and perfect reflection of Spirit. I am beautiful inside and out.

Over several days, I categorized my lies by:

  • General or uncategorized
  • Work/Professional Life
  • Health
  • Love
  • Money

I exposed almost 100 lies and the list is continuing to build! The rest of the work suggested by Ms. Nichols is to read the truths every day for 30 days, or as long as it takes to reprogram your subconscious mind. Deep stuff! But very helpful in my journey towards truth.

It kinda felt like the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson…In the song (for those who remember or have YouTube) he is trying to convince us that Billie Jean is NOT his lover, but just a girl that claims he is the father of her son…  Particularly when he sings about a lie becoming the truth!  And that my friends is a close kin to the Maury Povich Show!

See folks this is how my “analogy ridden” mind works people…you’re welcome!

Ok, back to the topic…

Just me!

As a work in progress, I am always seeking ways to be more myself. I mean the real and true ME!  I believe that repeating to myself that I somehow need to be or do better to do this or that is one of those deep seeded lies I’ve had on the rinse and repeat setting of my brain. The truth is that I don’t need to be better, I need to reveal my greatness within.  In other words, I am enough as I am and that is The Truth!

Check me out ——–>>>>>>>

I realize people may look at my blogs and assume that I have it all together or wondering why I think I have the knowledge to write about the things I do.  But The Truth is that I am often blogging to remind myself of who I am and thereby giving my gift of writing to those who need it and who might apply what they find useful in their lives.

A true story of lies becoming the perceived truth…

Yeah, so this happened…

The Flawed Interview Process

Recently after speaking with 4 people including the CEO, as part of the hiring process, I was asked to complete a “personality profile.” While I hear this is becoming a trend, I believe profiles are tools that should be considered during open conversations that allow for healthy dialogue,  AFTER A PERSON IS HIRED or at least offered a job!  Without said dialogue, these profiles allow for assumption and misinterpretation.   (I know my friend and fellow HR guru with the initials LK-O is peeing her pants right now about the absurdity!)   In other words, lies about the profile taker may look like the truth and cause the company to pass on individuals that may have a lot to offer a role but are discounted.

After reading my results I believe it was about 70% accurate, but completely untrue  30% was in areas that reflected issues that (in my opinion) would turn people off. Now, before I assumed what was true or not, I ran it by a few people who know me personally and professionally.  They all agreed unanimously!  In light of my journey for the unapologetic truth, I decided to expose The Truth and respond to the results via email.  I kept it upbeat and professional yet I revealed a few of the truths and exposed that which did not ring true for me.

At that point, my intuition (which I trust more than anything) told me it wasn’t the right role for me even though my hardcore ego was fighting tooth and nail to win! I thought to win what?   My intuition was like…”Oh, so now you want to lead HR for a company who has already demonstrated poor and legally dangerous hiring practices that don’t match with your values?”  Deal breaker…Thank you for the guidance Universe!

Well, I saw that the job was refreshed online a few days later, and I finally got “the call” that I was not selected for the role.  I’m not sure if my emailed response to the profile was received well or not, but I believe that speaking up and standing for truth is of the utmost importance despite the risks.


Stop-Comparing-Yourself-OthersNow let’s address social media, shall we?  Oh, the lies we see and tell behind the veil of social media.  I’m not saying that we should call people out for their lies, or insult others for how they represent their lives.  Frankly, that’s their business.  What I am saying is that we should live our own truth.  We can only be responsible for ourselves.  Be true to you, honey boo boo!.  Comparing yourself to others only serves to feed your own internal lies.  The Truth is that there are people who have more money than you, weigh less than you, blah blah blah.. and someone will always think something about YOU is somehow better than something about them… and so on!

  • Let’s all do the work to expose the lies we tell ourselves
  • Let’s bring our truth forward unapologetically
  • Let’s encourage those around us to be who they are


Love, Light, and Truth!



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