Why Owe Y.O.U.

One of the books I am listening to is Start With Why by Simon Sinek.  Lately, I’ve been thinking deeply about what motivates me to get up each morning and follow my path in life with the right actions and an attitude joy and surrendering to what is.  I mean, if I don’t know WHY I am doing something.. what is the point in doing it at all?!

We owe ourselves WHY.  We owe ourselves the answer to that Great Big Hairy all-encompassing WHY!

Consider the following:

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  • If the ONLY reason you go to work each day is to be paid or for the “perqs” it is quite likely that your performance is adequate but will NEVER be great!  Studies have shown year after year that money as the only or the TOP motivator leads to job and career dissatisfaction.  People are much more satisfied working with purpose-driven companies and leaders while doing work that is meaningful to them.   Money alone as  THE primary motivator at worst can lead to dishonesty, criminal behavior, and taking advantage of others.  There is nothing wrong with money as a key motivator as that is near the top of my list as well…BUT it is certainly not the be all end all, for me anyway.  One other point is…recently I heard in a podcast on HR trends that more than 70% of the US workforce is disengaged!  Heck, I was of them so I get it.  Maybe these folks would benefit from discovering their “WHY”.
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    If the ONLY reason you are staying in a relationship is for a reason outside of your inner truth, it is likely to end (eventually) with a sense of wasted time, frustration, AND in an adversarial way.  Speaking what is true for you in a relationship may still result in an adverse reaction, BUT you will be much more at peace when you KNOW they know the truth, (even if they don’t believe you).  It is not their truth to believe!  This is true for romantic relationships, friendships, family dynamics, spouses etc.

Recently, the following was suggested to me (loosely quoted):

‘”Maybe your path is not a corporate role in Human Resources.  Based on how you’ve been perceived as a wheelchair user, and the challenges presented in interviews maybe you’re “off path” and should consider coaching full-time.”

group of men running on streets
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After giving it some thought and meditating on it, although, that path is a good one and one that I will continue working towards, I quite frankly am a bit tired of seeing my peeps with disabilities having to “start their own businesses” or “build their own jobs.”  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that AT ALL!  IF that is their TRUE desire and calling BUT, many of these opportunities, don’t pay much (if at all), and force us into the background.

Also, I feel as if pursuing coaching full time although a tough road, is like taking the chicken exit just before the roller coaster ride!

SO…As I look at my career and have considered my Big Hairy Why I have come to this…

No matter how frustrating, I will continue to seek opportunities for corporate leadership roles.


  1. Although women in leadership roles have become a focus of attention lately (for which I am grateful), I am curious about why there are no (that I have seen) visibly or openly disabled senior level executives running companies.  With the staggering number of disabled people globally, I find it astonishing that very few of us make it to these ranks.
  2.  I want to be a part of changing the perception of disability in the world!  Every interview and person I meet will see disability through me as healthy, intelligent, wise, creative, educated, athletic, physically fit, well and… just human.  I know that establishing credibility with executives can be challenging from a wheelchair, but when I speak with confidence, intelligence, compassion, understanding, and (yes) LOVE the wheelchair disappears and I become a “person” again.
  3. If I have to be on the frontline, so that someone behind me will have an easier path, so be it!   This is my piece of the INCLUSION Revolution!

The perception of us as weak, sickly, hidden and afraid is not only judgemental and unfair, it is overgeneralizing and untrue.  I will do my part to take on this challenge!

How’s that for a WHY!?

What is your WHY?  You owe it to your Greater Self to find the WHY that will push you to greatness.  Am I where I want to be yet, NO WAY! But, I am surrendering to small actions every day.  Am I making a difference? YES, through the eyes, minds, and hearts of everyone I encounter!

What is your WHY?

Why do you do what you do?

Let’s all discover our WHYs… I think that is one of the “Whys-ist” things we can do!

Love, Light, and WHY!


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