Only two things in life are guaranteed… death and change!  Some of us struggle with the fact that death is imminent and try our best to avoid change like flies at a barbecue.  Recently, I made the decision to leave my job after 16 plus years!  Yup… 16 years!  It was time to change something that no longer served me.  Money, benefits, camaraderie, none of it was worth sacrificing my inner peace.

Sometimes we have to make tough decisions that lead to bigger and better things. I did this one other time in my life and that was when I decided to end my marriage. Heck, 16 years at one employer IS a marriage of sorts, the difference being that there were no assets to split or custody battles involved.

BUT there was an uncontested reclamation of joy and retaining the custody of my sanity, but I digress…

Don’t get me wrong, when I walked down the aisle I intended to be married until death did us part and from my perspective, I honored that vow.  The young naive woman that walked down that aisle no longer existed.  In plainer terms…she died.  That young naive employee who was pumped to do whatever it took for limited reward, died.  In both of these scenarios, I struggled, cried (yes, people I cry on rare occasion) hemmed and hawed, debated and flipped the decisions upside down, inside and out for far too long!.  And by far too long I mean for more than two years!  Life is just too short!

A new and improved ME was born out of these major life changes!

I am now all about quality relationships in friendships, romance and with my career.  I will work hard to exceed what is expected of me but I expect the reward of praise, appreciation, and love for my contributions.  Don’t misunderstand, I am not a compliment seeking freakazoid, but an occasional “ATA girl” or “thank you” ain’t bad! I am much more free with delivering the same to others no matter who they are; family, friends, dates, bosses, peers, my team, the checker at the grocery store, the guy who washed my car, etc. Whomever, whenever they add even the smallest value to my life.

I also expect open feedback and honesty in all areas of my life.  I insist upon and believe there is nothing like open communication even when it’s hard…especially when it’s hard!

DnT2gpwXcAAuUf8Initiating major life change is difficult, scary yet sometimes necessary for personal growth and awakening.  How do you know when a change is required? Well for me it is when things become overly and unnecessarily hard or complicated, unhappy and/or energy depleting.  When I feel fatigue and dread having to do something, stop giving 100% and feel like I’m  “phoning it in”…it’s time!   This doesn’t happen consciously but in subtle tiny changes over time. I don’t mean that I run when things get challenging, NO!  I am down for a good, tasty, chewy challenge.   I mean that if the pros outweigh the cons I continue through the experience and the learning process.  But, if I weigh the pros and cons and the cons far outweigh the pros for an extended period of time, its time to consider a change.  What about the risks?  Yup, risk is tricky, but in my opinion, that is fear-based thinking.  Stay in your head long enough and your mind will pull the pin and throw grenades of worry, doubt, and fear that cloud your ability to make tough but necessary changes. Ka-boom you stay exactly where you are!

Allow your intuition to be the guide.

Intuition is that still small voice inside, that gut feeling, your God/Goddess or diety nudging you, that annoying thing that keeps nagging at you.  If you ignore it it will give you a push that turns into a shove that becomes a hard left uppercut to your jaw that leaves you feeling victimized and down for the count!

You know what I mean right?

Like, have you ever experienced a time when something you didn’t want to happen went down and you said out loud or to yourself… “I KNEW that would happen!”?

THAT’S what I’m talking about.

If you KNEW it, why didn’t you do something about it?

I’ll tell you why…  Fear!

How or where do you start to make a change?  ONE STEP AT A TIME!  I will discuss this more in an upcoming post, but for now suffice to say, that you take small steps forward one day at a time.

For example;  If you are thinking about changing jobs, make a decision to update your resume… give yourself a timeline then do it!  Every little step you take moves you closer to the change you are looking for.

I prefer to be the initiator of change versus having change happen to me.  I prefer to embrace change I can’t control and if I don’t like the shift, I control the controllable (by the way people, FYI are not controllable), I change my attitude about it and push through or I initiate another change. The good news is that situations don’t last forever.  You are guaranteed that things WILL change again.  Every time! Always!

I invite you to initiate and embrace change with me.  Stop running from difficult life-changing decisions.  Stop hiding from change!  Woman or man up like the BOSS you are and duck that southpaw to the jaw.  Turn that fight against change into a dance of love.  Teach change how to line dance or tango!  You might even want to teach it how to do the Cha-Cha!



Turn Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes into CHA-CHA Changes…CHA-Ching!

Let’s DO This!

Love, Light & Change!



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3 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes​!

  1. ATA GIRL!! You are an inspiration to All!!


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