The word RUMOR as a verb is defined as an unverified circulating story. Recently, I learned that I am the subject of one of these “stories.” The purpose of this post is not to confirm or deny anything, but to discuss alternatives to circulating stories that are quite frankly, none of your business.

Back in the ’80s the song Rumors, by Timex Social Club describes rumors as being started by jealous people with no real lives of their own. I don’t believe that only jealous people spread rumors, but I DO believe that insecure people, in general, can cause intentional and unintentional serious damage with words.

Hey, I get it, gossip can feel fun especially in this age of social media over-sharing. I’ve participated in a delectable morsel at times myself. But, it becomes damaging when information otherwise unavailable is assumed to be the truth. Rumor mill accuracy or not, I am glad to be so important as to be spoken about and thought of but would prefer that people reach out with love, not curiosity versus spreading words and judgments based on decisions I’ve made for my life.

We have all been the subject of the rumor mill, and we have been spokes on the wheel of the said mill. My challenge for us all is that we simply… “do better!

Let’s focus on lifting each other up and saying things like…


“Good for her!!”

“Wow, I wish I were brave enough to do that!”


“I’m so happy for him!”

…And taking it one step further by actually...meaning it!

Let’s love each other enough to tone down the chatter about others whether verified as truth…or not. Let’s focus on our own business versus spreading the business of others complete with our personal spin of the “assumed truth.”


Let’s not put our own judgment, assumption, fear, and lack of understanding of the lives of others (celebrities included)!

When I was younger I’d come home with stories about how this person or that said something about me. My mother used to say “Well, at least if they’re talking about you, they’re leaving someone else alone!”

So, I if the best I can do to love others is to be a happy subject, I will.

Here’s something for ya’ll to spread…

“I made a great decision and I am happy!” Consider this verified and true.

The next time you find yourself the topic of a rumor, smile like your publicist is just making sure that your name is alive on the hearts and minds of others.

Know that those who really care about you and your life have clearly shown you who they are!


Love, Light, and Minding Your Own Business!




Those of you bent on sharing info, feel free to like and share this post!

2 thoughts on “Rumors!?

  1. You are adorable and I love you and your outlook on life❗️


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