Ewww! Keep Your Germs to Yourself!

How many of you have gone to work feeling lousy due to a bad cold or even the flu?  Worse yet, have you taken your kids to school KNOWING they were ill and prayed that the school didn’t call you to pick their sick bootie up?  Well, in all honesty, I’ve done both for a myriad of reasons, primarily because I thought my being at work was more important.  But, more important than what?

I know we’ve all been at work or in a restaurant when someone starts coughing up a lung in the cubicle next to us or sneezes into the salad bar!  We talk about them and scoff about their bad manners but there is more at stake.  Spreading your germs is not only disgusting it can be dangerous to others.

woman touching her nose
Photo by Brandon Nickerson on Pexels.com

I have been known to send people home if they came in to work sick.   I have also been known to request people cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing.  Seriously, look around you’d be surprised how many people don’t cover their mouths!  It’s disgusting and disturbing!  I’ve also seen mothers wipe their child’s nose then pick up a community spoon to scoop items from a salad bar.  Really mom?  Take little Jack to the friggin’ bathroom then wash your hands!  UUgghhh!

Once I was out and about when a little boy saw me and my scooter.  As little boys do, he rushed over to check it out which to him was a race car.  His nose was running nastily so he was vigorously wiping stringy snot with the back of his wrists.  He reached in to touch the handles of my scooter.  I had to reverse and ask him not to touch.  I also asked where his parents were.  Apparently, mom and dad thought he was so cute.  They sat smiling watching him while enjoying their friggin’ lattes about 30 feet away from their 5 or 6-year-old.  Really?  Come get your snotty kid!  So not cute!

I’ve had to send a woman home because she brought her feverish, germy, snotty child to the office!  As employees came to me (as their HR Partner)  to complain, I was sure they were exaggerating!  I rolled over to her desk where her poor kid was laying on a blanket sneezing and coughing.  She said, “I had to bring him in because I have work to do.”  I said, “If I’m not mistaken, you are using a laptop computer. You can work remotely, but you have to take your child out of the office!”  I HATE being the HR cop, but really, why was THAT a reasonable solution in her mind?

We ALL would spend a lot less time ill if people were just a bit more considerate about illnesses.

If you’re sick stay home!

  • Your meeting is really not that important.  Besides technology allows call in’s nowadays!
  • You will get better much faster if you take the time to rest!
  • You are never aware of the health of those around you.  Some people have weak immune systems and can’t afford even the slightest cold.
  • You can single-handedly slow the spread of a cold or flu by staying home!
  • You ARE NOT at your best when you’re sick.  Your focus and concentration are negatively impacted.
  • Believe it or not, people are much less annoyed by your staying home than they are about you coming in coughing and sneezing!

As I sit here nursing a cold that I picked up over the holiday, I thought I’d just remind you all about good manners and viruses…

  1. COVER YOUR MOUTH when you cough or sneeze.  It is best to cover your mouth like Dracula with the inside of your elbow.   If you’re at a restaurant or over food. Cover your mouth, turn away from the table, and do your business toward the floor.
    • Germs fly many feet through the air when you cough or sneeze.
  2. USE A CLEAN TISSUE to wipe your nose or face, throw it in the trash, then wash your hands. Please don’t roll your tissue into a snotty ball and put it on the table in front of you, or roll it in your hands or attempt to use it again… yuck!
  3. Wash your hands regularly!  The proper way to wash is to use warm water, soap and sing the Happy Birthday song all the way through while rubbing your hands and wrists clean.  Those antibacterial gels are ok in a pinch, but should not be substituted for actual hand washing when soap and water are available.
    • FYI, ladies, if you do not wash your hands at work, everyone knows who you are!  We’ve peeped your shoes under the bathroom stall and we will NOT be eating any food you bring to the next pot luck!  Sorry to put you on blast, but I’m just sayin’!
  4. Excuse yourself when your nose is running.    Just like you wouldn’t pick your butt or discuss anal leakage while in a meeting… covering your face saying “My nose is totally running right now!” is out of line.  No one cares!  Just go to the restroom and clean your face in private.

5.  Clean your cell phones, tablets, computers, TV remotes, door knobs, steering wheels, wheelchair armrests, scooter controls/handles etc with disinfecting wipes. I clean mine every other day or more depending on what’s going on.  you’d be surprised how much disgusting crap stays on these things because we forget to clean them.

Well, my rant is over.

I wish you a happy healthy cold and flu season.  Be well and keep your virus to yourself!

Love, Light, and Wellness!



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