The Magic IS You!

Did you know that you are a magician?  For real… I’m serious!  Have you ever thought about a person and they suddenly reach out to you or you run into them at the grocery store? Or have you ever decided to leave a “situation” just before some crazy stuff went down? I have done both!

Before I had a real connection with my intuition (I was about 21) I was partying at a club with a group of friends.  I had a feeling that something wasn’t right so I encouraged the group to leave.   As we entered the parking lot, gunfire rang out and people were running out of the club we had just been in.  Back then I could run so…I ran like the wind!  Thankfully, no one inside the club was hurt but the fact that we were already a safe distance from the mayhem was not lost on me.  My friends were asking me “how’d you know?”  And at the time, I had no idea!

I’m sure you can think of times more or less dramatic where you made an intuitive decision.  The point is that once you have the ability to tap into your intuition which is your inner Spirit and personal power, you can not only avoid danger but manifest greatness!

You see, the magic is within YOU whether you believe it or not.  Call it God, Jesus, Buddha, Ala, the Universe, or whatever.  It’s beyond, positive thinking, it’s conscious creation in partnership with your Divine nature.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of wishing for a relationship with a specific person, visualize your self in a happy healthy, loving relationship.  Spray the scent of a person on the other pillow at night.  Tell them you love them.  Act “as if” they are lying next to you.   Most importantly, you have to believe that you will receive despite the fact that you can’t see it.  This is called FAITH! You may or may not be with the one you thought was best for you, but you will be with the best one for you.


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Instead of dreaming of a job with a specific company, visualize yourself sitting at your desk smiling and happy to be in a great job.  Picture what you want to see out of your new office window.  Go to your current job every dressed the way you picture yourself dressed in your new role.  Dress for the role you want, not the one you have. Act “as if” you are already there. Believe the job is a reality!  Over time you will manifest that great job!  It may or may not be with THAT company, but it will be a great role for you!


Focus on what you can control.  You can’t control the actions of another person or company, but you can use your magic to control (your) actions that lead to great things.

In the past, I wasted a lot of time wishing I could walk unassisted again.  Then I came to the realization that what I really wanted was to be healthy and look great.  Guess what, through the magic of my intuition coupled with right action, I lost 40+ pounds and have 20% body fat which is 10% points lower than the average woman my age.  Given the choice, I’d rather be healthy than walking.  Now, if I regain the ability to walk, I’m gonna look great doing it!

Here’s what I do to tap into my magic…

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I write letters to the Universe.  I thank the Universe in past tense for whatever it is.

A letter like this…

“Thank you, Universe for my great health.  I am physically strong and fit, I eat healthy foods and I love it.  My body is in such great shape that people notice and ask me for help with their health.  I am thankful that I have built a base of clients that I coach to better health….”

There’s more, but you get the point.

Then I visualize my success and act “as if” the goal has been accomplished. I don’t need to be specific, I just trust the Universe to show me the actions to take toward my goals.  It’s important that you refer to what you want “as if” you already have it, not that you’re waiting for it.


Let’s all manifest what we want…love, a great job, a successful business, awesome health and more.

Love, Light, and Magic


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