Internal Tiny House Living!

Most of us have seen the trend of reducing living space, and/or our individual carbon footprint.  The idea is to create the freedom to travel, spend less money and maintain and/or improve our environment. If this works for the way we live outwardly, why not downsize our lives of the baggage we carry in our hearts and minds?

Why not live in an Internal Tiny House?

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box
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Why NOT…?

  • …Carry less worry by just letting crap go. Most of what we worry about NEVER happens!
  • …Offload fear by pushing through and moving into action despite it!
  • …Unpack hurt by learning the lessons, forgiving others AND yourself!
  • Dump regret by understanding that the past is what made you who you are!
  • …Downsize doubt by confidently trusting that everything will work out…ALWAYS! When things don’t go the way we want, remember all the times that you ended up better off for it.
  • …Trash jealousy by realizing that what others have or do has nothing to do with you! Celebrate the wins of others as you would want others to celebrate yours!
  • …Donate expertise and experience by gladly teaching others what you know.  Share your life experiences for the benefit of those around you.  Everyone has a story…share yours!
  • …Recycle love by spreading the love you receive, not only to your loved ones but by remembering that EVERYONE is someone’s loved one.
  • …Compost determination and hope by planting positivity and optimism in the garden of your heart.

…AND as you are moving forward maximizing your internal space, remember…

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  • Let’s NOT compost negativity, consume it then replant in the soil of our gardens!  Let’s build our future in good clean soil!
  • Let’s NOT recycle old problems and issues by offloading them expecting others to take them on.
  • Let’s NOT upcycle hatred by making it look lovely on the outside while we subversively damage others.
  • Let’s NOT store our “but, what if” thinking by allowing our doubtfulness to stop us from taking even small steps forward.  JUST DO IT!

Now that you’re load is less heavy, move your tiny house all around your world living your life as the beautiful creation you are and have always been!  Park your tiny house still in the knowing that where you are is always where you are meant to be!

Love, Light, and Living Tiny… for life!

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