Thank you… and good night!

‘Tis the season! The holidays snuck up on us like a screeching cricket under the back door! One day it’s the middle of summer, the next it’s Thanksgiving! Time for some good old-fashioned GRATITUDE!

Although I am not a big holiday person, I certainly don’t give the side eye to those who wear reindeer headbands and holiday sweaters. I don’t even roll my eyes at the neighbor who has lights, a blow-up snow family, Santa Claus, and reindeer all in the same yard! If you know me or have followed my blogs, you know that I am a live and let live kinda person. Truthfully, I am grateful for those who embrace the holidays. They are super fun to be around!

This time of year many of us take time to think about the things for which we are thankful. I’d like to remind us to be thankful for the obvious things like what we have and the people we know, but also for the things we take for granted.

As a person with a disability, I am grateful for what I am able to do with ease. But if I’m honest, these are the things I forget to remember.

Consider the list below. What do you forget to remember to be thankful for?



















This list is certainly not meant to be exhaustive. I hope you get my drift!

Some of the above-mentioned are basic for some people and impossible for others, but the point is to remember to be grateful. Whether you have a Spiritual practice or belief or not, being happy is all about embracing life as is not wishing, hoping or dreaming for a different reality. If things can be changed, by all means, do what it takes. Just be sure that you enjoy the journey and keep a steady state of gratefulness!

I remember years ago I was told that I would recover almost completely within a certain amount of time. I was so focused on achieving the ”recovery goal” that I hardly noticed significant improvements. When the day came and went without the ”expected” result and I was crushed! I thought I would be able to run, but all I could do was stand. With a gratitude attitude, I would have been ecstatic that I could stand following total paralysis. The major disappointment I felt (at the time) seems a bit ridiculous now but I am grateful for the experience because it taught me so much.

Now, I wake up with joy (most days) that I can workout, and have achieved an excellent fitness level even though I’m rolling around and cannot walk without assistance. THAT, my friends, takes dedication!  I even did a workout this morning!

Before I close (so you can fill another plate) don’t forget to remember the person who holds a door for you, let’s you cut in traffic, or shows you a kindness big or small. A simple “thank you” goes a long way!

And with that…

I am thankful for YOU! Thank you for reading!

Love, Light, and Gratefulness!

Have a happy & safe holiday season!


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2 thoughts on “Thank you… and good night!

  1. I love your blogs creatively Able. Well done! Thank you!


    1. Thank you Heather! Inspiring the world one person at a time!


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