In Life, Rock the Rain!

One day you are moving through your life with grace and ease, then suddenly it’s like you’re being smacked in the face with a flying wet raw chicken! I’ve heard the saying… ”life is what happens while you’re planning.” Man… ain’t that the truth.  If I’ve learned anything in recent weeks, I’ve learned the truth in that quote!   I wonder… if our problems suddenly disappeared, what our lives would be like? Would we be more satisfied or fulfilled without our problems?


If we lived every day without concern how would we know a good day from a bad one? Without the rain, how would we even notice the beauty of the sunshine? Isn’t it true that many of the things that we judge as negative in the moment, later become some of the best experiences of our lives?




Let’s all face life boldly with our heads held high and with a good attitude! When the rain and storms of life arrive, slip on a slicker, pull on some wellies and splash through those puddles with as much joy as you can muster!



Sorry to have been away from my blog for a few weeks, but life happens.. 😉


Love, light and puddle dancing!


1 thought on “In Life, Rock the Rain!

  1. I love! Words to live by.


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