As Matter Of Fact, YOU Matter!

As a matter of fact, YOU matter! We all have times that we feel as if have no value.  Too many people need, want and even demand things from us, but give little or nothing in return. People criticize us when we attempt to do them favors or try to “do the right thing” on their behalf. People say they care about us but their actions say the opposite. We try our best only to be met with judgment and shame. And on and on…STOP! No, seriously…STOP!

Why do we allow others to give us value?

Now, I’m gonna type something that may be controversial.  Here it goes… wait for it…Stop moaning and groaning, and take responsibility for YOUR situation. Remember that YOU matter and let it go!  Discover YOUR value from the inside.  Honor yourself… YOU matter!

Let me explain. Talking and thinking about all of the crappy things that happen in life, only bring more of the same crap into your life. Energy flows where attention goes. This is far beyond thinking positive! This is a way of life, a mindset, a beingness. It starts by first accepting responsibility for what YOU have invited into your life. If people ask you for things and you have not learned to say “NO” guess what, people will continue to ask. Often times you say “YES” so much that people think you want them to ask!

YOU teach people how to treat YOU!
Try saying “NO!” This may be hard for some since many of us like to be liked.  So brace yourself for being the “bad guy” the first few times you say “NO” after being a reliable “YES.”  If people decide they don’t like you.. tough doo-doo. Frankly, I’d much rather be respected than liked.


If you don’t think of YOU first, no one else will!
Who are you?
Seriously, who are you?
Not your labels, like father, mother, wife, doctor, lawyer, executive etc. Not your gender, sexual orientation or age. Go deeper! What do you stand for? Why are you here?

I’ll bet you’re asking.. who does she think she is? I’ll bet she can’t answer these questions.

Let me share my thoughts:
Who am I?  I am pure Spirit, here on earth having a human experience to learn, enhance and level-up my Spirituality.

What do I stand for?  I am a deep believer in the power of Love. Love, God, The Universe, Ala, Buddha, Krishna whatever he/she, or it is called, it is all the same to me.  IT IS ALL LOVE!  Am I perfect at Love..absolutely not, but it is the most important thing that I stand for (even though I’m seated most of the time, ha!).

Why am I here?  This question always seems kind of insulting, but the answer, in my opinion, is quite simple.  I’m here because I AM.

Think about that for a second!  I AM.  Are you aware of the power of those words?  I AM!

Whatever you say after those words you bring into your experience.
Let’s think about some things we say about ourselves out loud or through our thoughts:
I am tired
I am broke
I am unattractive (too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall etc)
I am sick
I am a bad parent (wife, husband, friend, employee etc)
and on and on… Stop!

Are these descriptors really who YOU are?  Did you know that YOU limit your value with every word of negativity YOU say about yourself? Think about all of the things that we prioritize above ourselves:
  • kids
  • spouse/significant other
  • parents/family
  • email/text messages
  • jobs
  • the list is exhaustive
YOU matter! YOU are the most important thing in YOUR life!   Think about how hard that is to grasp especially if you are a parent!

Consider this… if YOU are not in a good space, are you really at your best as a parent?  Believe me, having been a single parent, I get it.  AND, I still say YOU have to be the ultimate priority.

Here’s an example: You’ve had another hectic, long stressful day at work.  It’s 7:30pm and you’ve been in the office since 6:00am.  Now you have to rush home to get homework done, manage dinner and get the kids ready for bed.  You won’t get a break until 10:00pm and you’ve been running at this pace for many weeks now.  You really want and need a break.  You think a message would be a nice thing to do but feel guilty because you don’t spend much time with the kids.   They have sporting events, recitals, birthdays coming up… blah blah blah. I’m getting a headache just typing this!

The solution is simple… take an hour to have a message!  For those who have done it, you know that an hour or two for YOU only makes YOU better! Scheduling it on a regular basis is even better!  YES, YOU can!  When you get back with the family, you are more attentive, alive and fresh!

Prioritize yourself!  NO, it isn’t selfish!  It is actually one of the most giving thins you can do for those around you.  Want love?  Love YOU first! Be compassionate with yourself!

Do something for yourself TODAY!!

As a matter of fact, YOU are better when YOU matter to YOU!

Love, Light, and YOU!


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