The Opposite of LOVE


What is the opposite of love?  Many would say hate, but I believe love has no real opposite.  That said, if I had to choose it would be a tie between indifference, and fear.  below are examples of common behaviors that will clarify.

We sometimes find it difficult to unconditionally love even our closest relatives and friends.  We want to wish away disabilities that we can’t accept in others and ourselves, we push away our children because they are part of the LGBTQ community, we allow minor disagreements to break up friendships, marriages, and families, we want to harm people who don’t look like us or have the same beliefs, we bitch and moan about politics spreading negativity like peanut butter on warm toast, so much more!

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We are often so busy or unaware that we don’t care about those around us.  We manipulate others for sex without being open about our intentions,  we continue to text and drive (despite the statistics and risks), we continue to risk drinking and driving,  we have depressed friends or family and we tell them to just get over it, we are so busy on mobile devices that we ignore our families, friends, and those around us.

If we’re honest, we all want to be loved, but how much love are we willing to give?  Most of us want a romantic love partner, yet we focus on what they will do for us, versus what we can offer to someone else.

We are all in such a rush all the time that simple greetings are forgotten and replaced by friggin cell phone conversations.  We don’t speak to our neighbors, we yell and scream at other drivers, families have dinner together while everyone at the table uses mobile devices.  I could go on.

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What happened to love?  Why is it so difficult to love and respect each other?  Why are we more concerned about sending a text message than protecting ourselves and those around us by driving safely?  Why are we so busy that we can’t put the phone down long enough to say hello to the person sitting next to us or the girl who just bagged our groceries?  I know you think these are rhetorical questions, but I seriously want to know.

I don’t know about you but I WANT LOVE BACK!

Call me naive, but let’s start by not opining about the problems in the world of government and politics.  If you want to discuss the issues, let’s brainstorm on a solution to hunger, homelessness or equal rights for ALL!  I mean, how much news is too much news?  How many channels of radio and TV and websites and. and. and, really need to tell the same effen stories.  I mean seriously, we are being waterboarded by political antics.  Don’t we have anything better to do?  We have so little love for each other that we hate people just because they have a differing point-of-view.

Now, I may not be the smartest person in a room, but I do try to be the most loving. I do try not to use my phone while enjoying a meal with a friend or loved one.  Oh, I’m not perfect by any means, but when I catch myself, I stop.. it really is THAT simple.
Try these loving actions without a personal agenda:

  • Say I love you more frequently!  If you love someone, tell them…TODAY!
  • Don’t go to bed angry with your significant other or ANYONE else.
  • Smile at a stranger, oh don’t be creepy about it just smile!
  • Actually, LISTEN to someone while looking at them without interrupting!!
  • Help someone anonymously and don’t take credit.
  • Randomly, pay for someone’s coffee (not someone you know or that you think is hot!).
  • Intentionally find something you like about a person you DON’T like.
  • Say “please” and “thank you” more.

Loving someone is not always easy, but the energy of love is much more conducive to living a life of love.  Remember, YOU are not always easy to love!  The energy of fear can be polarizing, and the result of indifference to the well-being of yourself and others can be dangerous.

Love, Light, and LOVE again!






2 thoughts on “The Opposite of LOVE

  1. Rock For Disability July 12, 2018 — 1:24 pm

    LOVE this post! This reminds me of the song “What if this is all the love you’ll ever get” by Snow Patrol 🎵❤️


    1. Thanks Emma! I saw your 700 likes… NICE!


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