Why Rest In Peace? Friggin’ Live In Peace!

Who’s ready to pack it in, throw in the towel, push up some daisies?  NOT ME!

Morgan Freeman said it best in the movie Shawshank Redemption  “get busy living, or get busy dying.” Truthfully,  you are only ever doing one or the other!


Riddle me this…

  • Do you get up in the morning excited about what the day will bring?
  • Do you volunteer your time to help others?
  • Do the relationships in your life feed your soul?
  • If you won $414 million in the lotto would you continue in your current job or business?
  • Do you have enough fun in your life?
  • Do you spend time each day in gratitude?

Like a satisfying meal, does your life feel full? No, I don’t mean to suggest that you add tasks or busy work, I mean to add quality! Only you can be the judge of whether your life is ok, good, or great.

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Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com
If you found out you would be dead in six months, what would you do today?  Not next week, or tomorrow…TODAY!  What is stopping you from doing exactly that right now?  We all have circumstances that seem to limit our ability to live full-out, but are they excuses? Many of the issues in our lives come from a fear of living, not the inability to live beyond our circumstances.

Ok, ok, don’t send your pissed off ego after me for calling you a scaredy cat chicken shit!  I could use a bit of bravery in my approach to life as well.

Truth is that I am in the middle of a few major life decisions. I am strongly considering the most unpopular and unexpected choices.  Yet, these decisions will add the greatest value and level of peace to MY LIFE. But to be truly at peace, how much do I really care about making the popular choices..seriously, not much (anymore).

I am thankful for my unique perspective of having been suddenly ill years ago.  I know what its like to lay in a hospital bed not knowing what my life will be.  Since then I have pictured my ideal life.  Sure, I have lost focus at times as the realities of life have a way of creating a smoke screen. But I continue the path with vigor.

What do you want your life to be? Since you’re not dying, (that we know of) what small steps can you take toward creating a more full and peaceful life, right now?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Achieving ”feel full-ment” in life includes being of service to others and living in gratitude for what we have.  Having more stuff is great but doesn’t always lead us to peace.  The more we accumulate stuff, the more we have to fuss. The more we fuss, the more we stress about paying for it and worry about losing it.   We have to insure it, protect it and on and on.  We’ve even learned to blur the lines between things and people so that some of us try to hang on to people!  We think it’s possible to keep our children in a proverbial box and stalk our love interests!  OMG…

No, I am not saying that having things is bad. I have many of the trappings of life. What I am saying is that we need balance. And that we should roll like the waves of the ocean, with the current of life not against it.

For example:

If situations present that risk something we have, should we enter into a huge fight and struggle to keep it? Or should we accept what is happening and sell it, give it away or just let it go? The answer lies in how much peace we want to experience.

In closing, waiting until we die for peace is not living. Holding on to things and people creates frustration and stress. For some, holding on too tightly leads to fear which can result in risky decisions that cost our lives, our freedom and/or our peace.

Remember this…

“Whatever we have to hog-tie into our life, we have to tie-down to keep!
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Photo by Mikes Photos on Pexels.com
The roadmap to a peaceful existence is a balanced life filled with gratitude, joy, and laughter.  A life focused on doing what you love, incorporating play, and being in service to others.

Go for it!

L.I.P before you R.I.P.
(the translation is a phrase that I love: Check yourself before you wreck yourself!)

Love, Light, and Peace!


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