Fathers Or Feathers


I am the very lucky daughter of a father who has been in my life from beginning to end.  He is still married to my mom for the last almost 60 years.  I am grateful for him and his ability and willingness to provide for his family. He has “old school” and traditional ways of thinking that sometimes drive me nuts.  He is strong, opinionated, grumpy, generous, protective, and so much more. I really love my dad.  He was not raised by his own parents (mother or father),  but he made the choice to stick around and raise his own children.  But, some fathers are more like feathers, they blow away with a gust of wind.

man person cute young
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’d like to wish all fathers out there a happy fathers day!  Thank you for supporting, loving, protecting, caring, and disciplining your children. Thank you for playing ball, attending sporting events and recitals. Thank you for making your children feel the love that comes from spending time with them.  If you are not married to their mother, thank you for making the relationship work well enough to stay involved with your children.  Whether you are divorced, never married, or barely knew each other, thank you for putting your children first!

man putting his shoulder around boy while his other hand is inside his pocket
Photo by Kaysha on Pexels.com


Since I was a single parent, I appreciate fathers who make the effort to push through relationship drama for the sake of their children.  At the same time, I have no regrets and am proud that my son wishes me a happy fathers day every year.

That said I know there are absentee mothers out there. However, statistically speaking, the number of uninvolved fathers globally is triple that of moms.  If you are an uninvolved father who hasn’t talked to your children recently, make the commitment to reach out to them.  They will appreciate and love you for it.  Don’t wait, kids grow so fast!

Feathers and fathers are beautiful.  All feathers and fathers are unique.  Which one are you?  Whichever you are, remember, its a choice!


Love, light, and fatherhood!


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