Marijuana Advice, The Sequel

So this happened…
As a result of my prior blog Marijuana Advice, a woman who I’ll call “Lady Reefer” (she’ll like that) reached out to me with some pretty awesome advice!  We had a phone conversation and decided to meet in person.  She told me that she buys her products from a legal dispensary in Studio City, California.  She said it was clean and safe and that she felt comfortable going alone. So… we set the date to meet at what I’ll call “The MJ Joint.”


I arrived at our designated time, parked and rolled in through the frosted glass doors. I was kind of nervous since I’d never been to a dispensary nor had I ever met Lady Reefer in person!  Although I was literally hit in the face by the smell of bud, I was glad Lady Reefer looked like a regular lady.  I was expecting a tatted-up pink haired mom type.  If you live in Los Angeles, you know the possibilities are endlessly cray!

Well, the smell of ganja was all up in my nose and I’m a lightweight so I thought I was high at that point. Mildly concerned about passing a drug test, I took a look around and noticed that it was a bright and pleasant lobby area with huge bright paintings and an ATM machine.  The people in the lobby looked pretty regular, with one or two looking a bit “sketch” and a little high, if I’m honest.  The chickie behind the reception desk smiled big and said, “Hi there, welcome, may I see some ID?”  I was like “dang… cut to the chase would ya!”  She took my ID and handed me a laminated ticket card thingy with a number. Lady Reefer and I had been chit chatting and I noticed she was taking it all in stride since she was a veteran of this whole process.

full length of man sitting outdoors
Shaggy Dude!                                                             Photo by Pixabay on

After about 10 minutes we were invited to enter through the white, locked steel door and into the dispensary.  To my surprise, it was brightly lit and well organized. I didn’t know what to expect, but I pictured a bunch of shaggy barefoot dudes sitting on torn couches, one with a guitar saying “whaaat’s up?” on the inhale!  then… “coool” on the exhale.

In reality,  I noticed that I’d gone nose blind to the smell of weed. But, we were greeted by a very nice man who I think was security.  He said hello and smiled brightly.  I swear he was missing like 4 teeth in the front.  Look, don’t judge me, it’s my story and I said he was nice!  Anyway, the young lady who helped us was so sweet and knowledgeable, I was really impressed.  She explained everything about CBDs and THC.  Lady Reefer knew quite a bit already and knew what she needed to buy.  I was checking the scene and noticed the customers that came in were old and young. Seriously, one dude was 70 if he was a day!  Another looked about 15 but I knew they had to be of age to get in. There were various races and backgrounds, men and women.  The MJ Joint sold E-cigs, vaporizers, pills, edibles, creams, lotions, bath bombs, under the tongue drops, actual bud… and so much more!  They even had dog treats!

This is my actual dog Poketz sleeping in my living room and she is not high. Can you imagine if she was?

I will not confirm or deny a purchase. I will say, I tried a sample of the CBD cream which I rubbed into my hands and on my arms to see if it would affect my nerve pain. I noticed a definite improvement almost immediately.

Everything was quite expensive.  But, those of us who live with pain would pay almost any cost for relief. I was thinking, I gotta find a dude in an alley carrying bootlegged blunts and get me a dime bag! I can soak some bud in oil overnight and rub that shit on my skin!  Ta Da..ghetto CBD’s!

Lady Reefer and I were eligible for free gifts, me for being a new customer, and her for the referral.  I was impressed and a bit intimidated by the gift Lady Reefer chose.  Let’s say it was called “Cush” and it was not a pillow.

I am happy to say that it was actually a great experience thanks to my new friend Lady Reefer (HOLLA! I know you’re reading this). By-the-way, Lady Reefer is a cute blond woman with 2 kids and a husband.   You’d never know if you met her, that she uses marijuana on the regular to manage her pain. Although I am still a major “L7” (that’s a square) I never would have guessed that I would EVER be seen in a Marijuana dispensary. And that I’d be considering legalized non-psychotropic weed for pain management.

Go Figure!

Love, Light, and CBD’s!


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