8 Ways to Get Back In Shape Without Making Faces​ Like This Guy!

Truth be told, my workouts hurt!  Although I don’t make faces like the cray-cray superman dude, at mile 7 of a 14-mile vigorous bike ride, I want to stop every time!  But, is this level of workout necessary at the start or re-start of a workout plan?  …NOPE!
I love the post-workout release of endorphins and oxytocin.  But beneficial results, at the beginning of an exercise or workout program, can be obtained with a lot less effort.

There are MANY ways to get moving and you don’t have to call a babysitter, waste thousands of dollars per year on a gym membership, home equipment, or workout classes, nor do you have to physically deplete yourself!

If you were an athlete in college or high school but don’t really exercise much now, or if you “used” to workout but haven’t in a while, unfortunately, you are starting over!  But it’s about building momentum not crushing your spirit!

Here are 8 super easy and inexpensive/free ways to start a workout plan now that you can build from:

beach sand relaxation sunshine
1). The woman pictured (on the beach)
is only using a mat.  You may or may not have a beach in your backyard, but a simple carpeted area and maybe a YouTube video are all you need to start stretching regularly.

2). Start doing 10 to 30 push-ups and/or sit-ups per night before bed, or when you wake up.  You are only limited by the number you can physically do.  But that will increase faster than you think!

action adult dance dancer
Your family may not be this organized, but you get the point!
3). Why not have a 15 to 30 minute dance party with the kids (if you have any, alone is fine too) after dinner a couple times a week?  The kids will love it, and ask for it!  They’re good for creating INSTANT pressure!  Just blast some tunes and get your boogie on!

4). You can get a workout from vigorous house cleaning, washing your car by hand (at an eco-friendly hand car wash), gardening, yard clean-up and more.  Simply put on upbeat music that you enjoy,  and watch your body move to the beat.  Before you know it you’re shaking that bootie and all sweaty!

5). During the day you could start doing 25 deep knee bends every time you use the restroom.  If you pee 4 times per day, that’s 100 knee bends!  BAM!

person couple love romantic
OK, these two are nuts, but you get the idea!  Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

6). Have regular good healthy SEX!  Yes, I said it!  Say it with me… “SEX!” At least 3 times per week “get cho’ groove on!”  The key here is “regularity.”  Not so planful as to make it boring, keep it fun and playful.  Healthy sex benefits the heart, the muscles, blood flow, hip joints,  the psyche and more.

7).  As a CreativelyAble person, I understand that there are many health issues that can prevent exercise.  But if you can move one arm or one leg or if your caregiver has to stretch you in bed, I say do what you can. And do it as often as possible.  Work with what you’ve got!

8).  I use YouTube for everything.  There are awesome trails that I watch when I ride my stationary bike, and virtual rowing videos I watch when I row.  Plop a tablet or a cell phone on your old treadmill pull up a video and get moving.  There are also cardio workout classes but I suggest you build stamina first.  Otherwise, you’ll be all bug-eyed like cray-cray superman dude, frustrated and quitting!

Let’s GET MOVING PEOPLE!  It’s not about pushing to the limit.   Make it fun, and be consistent.  PROGRESS not PERFECTION.
In no time, you will see a positive impact on your physical appearance, and reap the benefits of better health, and stress management and more energy!

adult athlete body exercise
Photo by Keiji Yoshiki on Pexels.com

It is my intention is to help as many people as possible (local, FaceTime, Skype etc). I’d like to improve health, wellness, and mobility (where possible) through a healthy diet and exercise.  With this in mind, I recently completed a certification for Wellness.  Although my plan is to take the certification further, I am happy to help you with a plan to get healthy holistically for life! But YOU will have to do the work.

The temporary pain of a good workout at least 3 times per week, may prevent the need to be in long-term pain later in life.  Let’s all do what we can to retire in our best possible health.

Check out my vlog on small steps toward big wins!

Love, Light and Good Workouts!


If I can help you get and stay healthy, let me know!


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