These ARE the Good Old Days!

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Do you see a sunset or a sunrise?                     Photo by Pixabay on
Remember when you were younger, stronger, thinner, more athletic, popular, more attractive, blah, blah, blah.  Get over it, let it go and live your life RIGHT NOW.  You will never be where you are again!
Lets’ make a commitment to enjoy and love our lives today.  Let’s learn and grow our minds, bodies, and Spirits. Commit to one activity per day focused on your whole self!
For example:
Mind:  Actively seek to learn something new every day. Taking a course, learn a new word every day, meet or talk with a new person.
Body: Stretch, go for a run, ride a bike, or do deep knee bends in the office or each time you go to the restroom.
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Spirit:  Meditate (start with 3 minutes), read motivational quotes out loud, or pray to your higher power.

If there is something you’ve been putting off, or are afraid of, that is EXACTLY what you should be doing.  Take a healthy risk today.
Your life is what you create it to be.  If you don’t like it.. recreate it or change the way you look at it!
If you’re a wheelchair user, make it your float in the parade of life!
If you’re unhappy, start a gratitude journal.  capture at least 5 things to be grateful for every morning or evening.
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
-Wayne Dyer
Smile more, even if it’s fake! Studies have shown that smiling can instantly change your mood.
Be happy, be well. Make your life one that you look upon with satisfaction and love. Create a life that makes you say things to yourself like..”That sure was fun, but I can’t wait until I take that trip next month!”
Scrap the friggin bucket list!  Why do you need a pre-death list!  Make it a PRO-LIFE list!
Want to be in love or get married?  DO IT!
Want to skydive?  DO IT!
Want to run a marathon?  DO IT!
Want to write a book?  DO IT!
Want to go back to school? DO IT!
Let’s GO!  Do it, Do it, DO THE DAMN THING!!
Love & Light,
Your personal cheerleader!


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