Fight or Flight?

Life?  Wow, shit happens that can throw you for a loop!  Am I right?!  Illnesses,  loss, violence, the list goes on.  Sometimes it is so friggin random too, huh?!  And those of you who look at people with disabilities as if our disability is all that we have to deal with,  I say…THINK AGAIN!  We have all of the typical ups and downs of life that everybody has, plus the added bonus of our disabilities!

Whoever you are (CreativelyAble or not), I believe it is all in how we choose to look at things.  People often tell me that I am an “inspiration” and although I appreciate the thought and intent, seriously, “I’m just doin’ what I do cuz I gotz to!” I have to shop for groceries, get my car serviced, gas up my car, and run all of the typical errands we all have.  I just chose to fly versus to ask why?  Oh, yeah in the beginning, I spent a lot of time in the “why me” party for the pitiful. But, by doing the inner work, I now spend much more time just doing and loving the journey.

In other words, instead of making life a fight, I choose to FLY!

river inside forest near brown leaf trees
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Whatever your life circumstances, choose to flow with the river instead of trying to swim up stream!  This doesn’t mean that you “float” through life, but that you use your efforts and momentum to swim in the direction of the current.


Consider this example:

You get all suited up and go for a job interview.  You really want this job. After the interview, you think everything went well, but no one ever calls you back!  Two weeks later you get the “thanks, but no thanks” email or text.

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You are surprised and crushed.  You call your friends and tell them how awful the interviewers were, and bad mouth the company, opportunity and process.  You drive yourself nuts with questions like..

  • “Why are they sending me this?”
  • “Why didn’t someone call me directly?”
  • “I’m gonna call them and find out why.”
  •  “I can’t believe they did this to me!”
  • “It’s because of my disability!”
  • “I knew that woman hated me!”

..blah, blah, blah, and on and on, down the proverbial rabbit hole.  By-the-way, substitute the job interview for a first date, and the scenario still works (I’m just sayin’)!

Why ask why?  Why fight it?  Swim with the current and move on!  In my experience of hindsight being 20/20, I have learned that “Rejection is Protection.”  In order for you to FLY you have to learn from experiences and trust that The Universe has your back.

In the words of the phenomenal Ms Tina Turner..

“I don’t care who’s wrong or right, I dont really wanna fight no more, its time for letting go!”

All the fighting does is allow you to create stories in your head about what others are thinking, or doing “behind your back.”  This causes undue stress and anxiety, and frankly, typically, is not the truth of the situation.  If you want to torture yourself, go walk over hot coals or something..geez!  You can not control the behaviors and/or thoughts of others.  You CAN only control your own.  We make choices everyday with our thoughts and actions.  Its time that we decide to rise above the fray and fly!

The job, or date, situation or circumstance etc that The Universe has for you is better anyway!  Flow into it with a quiet mind.

Live it, Love it Learn it!


Love, Light and Flight


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