Burning Bridges Falling Down!

I had a very wonderful and unique experience last evening that forced me to analyze and challenge many long-held beliefs I’ve been carrying.  The experience made me think of cliché terms that I am convinced exist to hold us back from our freaking greatness!

Here are a few that drive me particularly nuts!

  • Perception is reality – Pure and simple B.S. (click here for that blog).
  • The reality is… – Makes me wonder, why the person speaking needs to “clarify” the reality.  Maybe because the conversation up to that point was unreal (pun intended)?
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees  – Yep, but money is made out of pulp, that makes paper, which is made from wood, which is actually… well a TREE!
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day – Oh yeah? Well, my understanding is that it was never finished either!
  • It’s a “Win-Win” –  My foot!  A win-win is a tie, a draw, an even game.  If nobody wins, why is it a double win? Basically, this is a mind trick for the loser!
  • Let me be honest with you OR In full transparency –  Seriously, this implies that the speaker has been lying or omitting the real truth.

And now for the topic of this blog…

Never Burn A Bridge!


What is a bridge?  It can be simple or complex, made with building products like wood or steel etc, but functionally it is in place for the purpose of allowing movement between two places.  A bridge is stagnant, unchanging, and immovable.

A bridge burned is a bridge behind you headed back to where you were!

If going back is your goal or fear, make sure the bridge is in excellent order every time you cross.  If you are not fully ready to use another bridge, I get it.  Keep driving back-and-forth enjoying the mediocrity and monotony.  Whether it’s a relationship, friendship, marriage, job, business partnership, etc just keep driving, walking, running, crawling, or if you use a wheelchair, rolling across.

In my career and life, I’ve known people who worked so hard NOT to burn a bridge, only to fall straight into the drink trying to go back along a non-existent burned out mess.  The saddest thing is when they don’t even realize they’re in the flippn’ water!

I’ve also seen people blow up bridges, running toward the opposite side like an action flick hero and diving for the edge with the fire on their heels.  Unnecessary damage  (although satisfying at the moment) is dangerous and irresponsible.

I am not suggesting that anything is literally set on fire, not bridges, not your bosses car or your best friends hair!  And I don’t mean to burn bridges by pooping on your bosses desk, and backing out of the door rockin’ double middle fingers (unless you hit the lottery, then all bets are off)!  Additionally, I do not mean that you should smack your husband across the head with a large pan or pee in his sports drink.

What I AM saying is that you should not be afraid to get out, make a significant change, move forward, or self protect for fear of “holy crap, what if I want to go back!”  Commit to a decision and MOVE FORWARD.  What others think or feel about your decision is irrelevant!

How you choose to live is your choice!

I am going to work on the following for my life:
I will no longer allow my fear of the proverbial burned bridge to prevent me from moving forward or making the tough choices.
I will use my inner navigator to find another bridge that will lead to newer, cooler, more awesome, places.
And finally, in honor of Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three (from the ’80s):
The bridge, the bridge, the bridge is on fire!  We don’t need no water
let the mutha effa burn, burn mutha effa burn!
Sing it loud and strong and walk away like the bad ass you know you are!
Love & Light!

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