Bad A$$ Animals!

While reading a blogger I follow (Rock For Disability) about an organization in Surrey, UK  called Broken Biscuits  (I know, what a cute name, they provide equipment for animals with disabilities), I was inspired to do a bit of research, and opened a world that I didn’t know existed.

I live in the Los Angeles, California (US) area and have adopted animals in the past from local shelters, but I don’t remember seeing any animals with disabilities.

Having a disability can be tough, but that is a judgment that animals don’t have.  They just live…no matter what.  Ohhhh to be like some of these mighty heroes of which many of us wouldn’t consider adopting. For those of us who might consider it, where would we go in the segregated world of disabled animals?

I know, “segregation” can bring up negative connotations, but in this case, it is in part for their safety.  The challenge for domestic animals is adoption.  If they aren’t in the mainstream, how do we find them?  If you’re interested ask about them the next time you’re visiting an animal shelter.

Just like in the human world, disability can be invisible, mental, emotional, medical, and physical, and crosses all breeds, sizes, species, and geographies.  Seriously, from dogs and cats to elephants and giraffes these animals are tenacious in their intention to live their best lives!

I chose a few below to share with you.  Enjoy!

Picture credit: Pets With Disabilities

Meet Ernie a young Samoyed, according to  Pets With Disabilities in Prince Frederick, Maryland (US), he was rescued literally hours before he was euthanized. Ernie, hurt himself severely leaving him unable to use his back legs. His parents couldn’t manage a special needs animal so Pets with Disabilities rescued him and provided him with a new wheelchair.  Ernie is available for adoption!  Click the link for more info on adoption, or donation.

Picture credit: Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation in Lampang, Thailand

This is Motola.

Motola was injured by a land mine and was fitted with a prosthetic leg at the Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation in Lampang, Thailand.  Who knew there were prosthetic devices for animals this size?

Picture credit: From the Heart Rescue Canutillo, Texas

Hi, I’m Booger!

Booger was found dragging his hind legs in a trailer park. After a few x-rays funded by a good samaritan, From the Heart Rescue in Canutillo, Texas (US)  discovered a shattered pelvis.  FTHR took care of the surgeries that healed his many broken bones.  Booger is available for adoption and is hoping to stay with his best friend Violet.


There are tons of disabled animals available around the globe.  An internet search will provide you with good information on local resources for adoption or donation near you.

Let’s remember, we ALL occupy the world together, animals and humans alike and we are all entitled to basic rights for happiness and living.  Let’s love these animals by donating, adopting, volunteering or the next time you see an injured animal, contact a local shelter or animal hospital that can provide emergency care.

Love and light my friends!


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4 thoughts on “Bad A$$ Animals!

  1. Hi, thank you so much for the mention. Really appreciate it! Glad my story inspired you! If I had the time and room, I’ll adopt all disabled dogs! Lol 🐶🐶🐶😍😍😍 Thanks again, Emma 🙂


    1. Congrats on blogging for a year Emma! Keep up the great work!


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