Heeelllooo out there in Blogger Land! I am really excited to introduce myself and my purpose to the world. I, like many of you, thought about blogging for a long time before “taking the leap.” I am a motorized mobility device user with the limited ability (inside my home) to use a walker (pictured above against the wall of my bedroom).  Although I work out religiously, “leaping” anywhere is not an option, but you’d better believe that I would if I could!

A little about me, I don’t consider myself “disabled” (although I am not offended by the term) I prefer “Creatively Able” hence the name of this site. Most things I set my mind to do, I pretty much figure out how! I may have to use ingenuity like MacGyver (old TV show, don’t judge, just Google it) or perform other more simple activities like reaching using a reacher/grabber.


Recently, I installed tension bars in one of my closets, and it isn’t unusual that I use a weeder/edger from my chair in my yard, bathe my two medium sized dogs, shop at big box stores and more. I will discuss many of these activities in future posts so stay tuned!

My purpose is threefold:

1) I will encourage people with or without challenges to live their best lives independently and to do so without having to spend money or depend on others, unless absolutely necessary.

2) I will focus on fitness especially for the creatively able. Whatever you CAN move…move it! It’s all about burning calories and choosing healthy food options.  Weight management doesn’t have to be an issue.

3) I will openly discuss the various issues that ableism brings, personally, professionally, and emotionally.  Keeping a laser focus on the harsh realities, I will do my best to suggest ways in which we can work together for change.

Keep in mind that I am not implying that all abilities with or without limits are the same. What I will ask, is that you work with your doctors, physical therapists, caregivers etc to make sure you are safely attempting what you wish to accomplish.  And finally, although I don’t do it well (I’m a work in progress), asking for help is an important aspect of self-care.

I look forward to connecting with you and encourage constructive, thought-provoking comments and ideas.

Be sure to follow for more.


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2 thoughts on “Introducing…CreativelyAble

  1. Welcome and good luck on achieving your goals.


  2. I have a disability or am creatively able (great way to put it btw!) and am also new to blogging, good luck xoxo


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